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About Us

Patrick B. Smith took his interest in precision shooting and hunting to a new level when he opened his gunsmithing business Pro-Tech Guns in 2001Gleaning knowledge from well-known firearms professionals, Patrick’s passion for precision shooting/long range accuracy and “Tactical Hunting” grew into what is now his expertise…..Customizing and accurizing rifles for, and instruction in, mid to long range precision shooting. Patrick’s “Tactical Hunting” methods have been used by many of his customers to great success.Military and Law Enforcement agencies have utilized Pro-Tech Guns for gunsmithing, innovative training concepts, target system and the modification of department firearms for specific tactical requirements.Pro-Tech Guns specializes in the customization and accurizing of non-restricted, restricted, and prohibited firearms. Whether you are a competitive/recreational shooter or a beginner/seasoned hunter, make Pro-Tech Guns your number one resource for gunsmithing and precision shooting instruction.

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Shop Philosophy

“As a premier provider of gunsmithing services, we commit to enhance the overall experience of all Pro-Tech Guns clientele in every aspect of firearms ownership and shooting through providing professional, quality service and instruction and in the customizing and accurizing of their firearms.”

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